Are you ready for THE spring, and the release of all those layers? Yay to that! I just cannot believe the winter is over(or almost over in some countries). That means that my winter lasted literally for one month only.
This is what I was wearing in February.


- Scarf: H&M Premium
- Sweatshirt: Choies
- Bomber/Jeans: Zara
- Boots: Tommy Hilfiger



It couldn't escape your attention that I'm back to the colder climate. Finally, here is my first outfit post made in the Netherlands.
After a few weeks of acclimatisation I dared to wear something else, except for comfortable jeans.
Because, how do you manage the hurting wind and minus degrees? There is a simple trick to it. Try to put
as many clothes as possible on the upper or the lower part of your body(and don't tell your mom I advised you).
While leaving the other part to your likings. That way, it is manageable to bear the cold, and just
warm enough for running to your favourtie cafè for a hot cup of coffe, tea, or chocolate. Enjoy your week!




Hey, guys! I had a super busy week, so very limited time for the things I love. Now I present to you the pictures from Porto. As I have told in the previous post Lissabon treated us with some rainy situation, due to what I couldn't take a lot of pictures. Porto was quite the opposite, due to what I had finally the chance to shoot my look.
The whole look is pretty obvious. I really liked wearing the socks "out", and making it a very tennis-like outfit.




My best friend, my love and my life.
I dedicate this post to the man who always makes me laugh, even after 3 years, every and each day.
The man who makes my life better in all ways possible.
The man behind the scenes.
The man who spoils me, who teases me, who comforts me.
The man I'm proud of, and who I believe in.
The man who's proud of me, and who believes in me.
And that's a lot, and important.
The man who is always positive.
The man who came into my life, changed it and changed me.
The man who's not with me during this day, but is always in my heart.
Happy Valentine's Day!




Pink turtleneck sweater
I'm finally sorting out the photos from Portugal. It's been raining the whole week in Lissabon, so unfortunately I haven't made that much pictures. Or maybe it's for the better, as the major part of my pictures just builds up in the storages of my laptop.
As you might have seen I did a little trip in Portugal, and visited a beautiful city: Sintra. I only can imagine how beautiful it must be there during the Spring(and disappointing during the high-season). The city is magical and has a lot to offer. Whoever might say that it's one day attraction, lies. There is an endless amount of castles and beautiful palaces surrounded by beautiful nature and mesmerizing gardens. This city just stole my heart.
During this trip I wasn't prepared for two things: rain and cold. Both conditions made it really hard to shoot pictures. This set I shot at the palace of Monserrate. First there is a beautiful garden with different themes, and above the hill stands the beautiful palace, which is just a dream from the inside.
At first I wasn't so sure about the pictures, but sharing is caring. First I liked them and then again not, so here they are the best they've turned out to be.
Travel more and be happy!




leopard coat
Hello, there! How is your weekend going? I've shot this post right before our long trip to Portugal. We made a quick stop to grab some lunch at Murcia.
Before a very long sit I needed something comfortable to travel in. These jeans are very stretchy and are perfect for travelling. I put my trainers on for the long distance walking. The rest was to keep me warm, and to make me look pretty.
It's my first print coat and I seriously don't know why it took me so long to get one. This item will give every outfit a fashionable edge. The bright pink sweater makes the whole outfit complete, and makes it overall a crazy mix.

Всем привет! Как проходят ваши выходные? До моей поездки в Португалию я успела сфотографировать этот лук. У нас была пересадка в Мурсии.
В период путешествий я стараюсь одеть что-то удобное. Эти джинсы настолько эластичны, что тем самым идеальны для долгих поездок. Кроссовки я одела так же для комфорта, в случае длительный расстояний пешком. Всё остальное было для теплой поездки и красоты. Этот леопард моё первое пальто с принтом, и я не знаю, почему я так долго к этому шла. Эта вещь добавляет к любому наряду особую изюминку. Мой новый, ярко-розовый свитер не мог оставаться в стороне. Он и дополняет весь аутфит, и делает его особенным.




It feels so weird posting these pictures. It seems like a very long time ago. In the meantime I've travelled through Portugal and came back to the Netherlands. I still remember how hot it was that day. Can you imagine that it's the first week of January, and the sun shines so bright that you even have to take your trenchcoat off, and that it's not even helping? It's so cold in Holland that I hardly believe it myself.
But enough about the weather precautions, let's talk about my outfit. During the sales period I was planning my return to the Netherlands and therefore stocked up with a few chunky, maxi knit sweaters. What I love about this sweater that while it's wide and maxi it still has a nice shape. The light beige colour is also doing its fine work. Due to its colour you can easily mix it with other items. Here I've thrown it over my dress, and buckled it up with a belt.
Hang in there, bundle up, 'cause it's almost weekend!


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