Starbucks shirt
In my opinion, the heat is radiating from the pictures. Don't get it the wrong way, I really mean the weather's heat. The one you get on your vacation pics that will always remind you of the warmth on your skin. By looking at these photos, I almost can feel the sun rays from that day. I have never been to the US, but somehow that avenue with palm trees resembles California to me. I just love to explore Torrevieja and its neighborhoods, and later on marvel on the shot results.
It seems so surreal to be able to go outside with bare legs and feet. I can proudly announce that every single piece of my summer wardrobe has been worn this season (what wasn't long the case in the Netherlands, with its averaged 15 days of summer).
I have no idea whether you are a fan of Starbucks. It may come to you as a surprise, but to be really honest, I don't like Starbucks at all. Not any bit of it. I drink coffee there for the sake of a strong Wi-Fi connection somewhere abroad. I do not like their coffee(garbage). In the place such as Amsterdam, where coffee is raised to a whole different level, I even find it an insult to drink coffee(and even call "it" that) there. I used to love their carrot cake, but they have changed their recipe and now it tastes funny.
You're probably wondering why the heck am I wearing their shirt then? Well, I like the colours, and its shape. Yes, there are different shapes in T-shirts(but you all know that). I also like the bold prints on the tees. On top of that it has a nostalgic value, as I have bought it from the Chinese market in Kuala Lumpur which will always remind me of the place and my bargain skills.
Let's discuss: Do you like Starbucks? Or do you prefer other brands? And what kind of coffee do you like? Do you even like coffee? Let me know!




Blue maxi dress
Exactly one week ago, on October 20th, my boyfriend and I celebrated our 3d anniversary!
A special occasion requires a special dress, so here it is.

Для этого особенного случая требуется особенное платье.
Ровно неделю назад, 20ого октября, я со своим любимым отпраздновала наше 3х-летие.




alicante from above
There is still so much Internet to do and so much life to live. I am constanly being tormented between those two. Unfortunately or luckily, depends on your approach, life is winning. Enjoy the last bits of your Sunday and come back tomorrow! I promise it is something really, really nice.




Nike sport bh
While browsing the internet and reading the blogs I came up with the idea of posting monthly the purchased goodies. Certainly not a new idea, but I thought I share with you what appeals to my eye and hopefully inspire you in that way. During the proces I realised that I am definitely new at this. However only practice makes perfect.




john lennon sunglasses
After thinking  a good two days about the content for this post the subject presented itself. Today is exactly one month my boyfriend and I live in Spain! Every day still feels like a holiday. So during the siesta we are definitely hitting the beach.
It took us exactly four weeks for discovering the rooftop of our house. I will be back for sure as it is the perfect shooting location. Let's call this time a fair try-out, don't forget to leave in the comments what you think about it.
As it goes for me I am feeling incredibly happy and free. Not caring about what people think. I was looking through my Instagram pics trying to detect whether there is evolution in my personal style due to this feeling. We'll see and enjoy your weekend!




In between my regular outfit posts I will be sharing all the beautiful places I have visited this summer. There are still a lot of pictures which are laying untouched and I would not want to withhold all the beauty from you. All the places I have visited were a non-stop inspiration to me. I have gathered a lot of impressions from the Asian continent. Some things were new, some seemed very familiar.
The most memorable trip was a visit to Sumatra, a truly beautiful island of Indonesia. The nature was unforgettable, the people really beautiful and the whole experience unforgettable. I still regret that during my trips I haven't photographed the beautiful people of Indonesia. You should see their kids! I must say the most beautiful I have ever seen in my life. During my travels I have stayed at two places of the island Sumatra: the beautiful Lake Toba and at the picturesque village Bukit Lawang.
The funny part of my journey was that the silence and the beauty of the untouched nature which people seek in Bali, I have found it at Lake Toba. Lake Toba is a volcanic lake and is the largest volcanic lake in the world. Just google the pictures, you will be amazed! All hotels and hostels are laying at the shores of the lake, so the great view is guaranteed. The first picture with the boat was our view from my balcony. The view was breathtaking and mesmerizing. If you ever visit lake Toba pay a visit to Jenny's to eat her delicious food and rent a scooter to fully comprehend the beauty of this island. Have a nice and inspirational week!




pleated skirt
It almost seems sun never leaves the pages of my blog. Well, at this moment it is also the case of my life living at the Spanish seashore. Although I truly love the chilly weather, the sun rays work better for my well-being.
It could not slipped your attention, but sneakers are hot at the moment. I got these Air Max Thea Premium Nikes for my birthday. You can hate the trend, but at the moment they go well with anything. I plead guilty to the fact of abusing these circumstances to the fullest by adding my sneakers to whatever outfit is being created in the morning.

Такое ощущение, что солнце больше не покидает страницы моего блога. На данный момент это так и есть, живя на испанском побережье. Пусть я и любитель холодной погоды, не могу не признаться, что солнечные лучи имеют только позитивный эффект на мою психику.
Наверняка, кроссовочный тренд не обошёл вашего внимания, так как его можно наблюдать на всех сайтах стритстайла и листах модных журналов. Достались мне эти Air Max Thea Premium Nikes на мой день рождения. Вы можете ненавидеть этот тренд, но на данный момент кроссовки, как ни странно это не звучало, сочетаются хорошо с чем угодно. Я одна из тех, кто злоупотребляет этими обстоятельствами по полному. Поэтому эти розовые красавцы добавляются ко всем нарядам подряд, которые создаются с утра.

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