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If you're following me on Instagram, it probably hasn't slipped your attention that I'm travelling through Portugal at the moment. I seriously don't know why it took me so long to visit this mesmerizingly beautiful country. I'm simply in love, and would recommend everybody to pay a visit.
During this visit I've been to 3 cities: Lissabon, Sintra and Porto. However, this country has so much more to offer. Each city has so many cultural, historical and gastronomical attractions. I literally didn't have any moment of rest or boredom for the past ten days. Which is a rare thing for me while travelling.
Tomorrow, I'm travelling back to Spain. Afterwards I'm packing my suitcases, and go back home, to the Netherlands. I'm trying to think positive, only good vibes, because it certainly is a part of my journey.




It's that time of the year where I rewatch the SATC, and I couldn't help but be influenced by its sense of style. In this case it had to be Carrie's style. I have no idea whether she wears something similar, but I figured the mix of fabrics and colours is quite similar to what she often wears.
Also, I was inspired big time by the Rebajas period. By what I mean the sales period in Spain. Got so many lovely goodies and can't wait to share them all with you!
The other very good thing of 2015 is my trip to Portugal this Saturday. I'm so excited to see a new country, and experience a different culture. Hope you have a nice weekend!




Some snapshots of my visit to Xàtiva, a town of the beautiful castle on the hill, which was closed the day I was visiting. My pictures don't do justice to its beautiful, colourful houses and little, curly streets of the town. Whenever I was visiting a colourful city I wondered in awe why the houses were so colourful. Do you know the reason? For me it was a little fact discovered in Xàtiva and it had to do with the fact that the white paint was very expensive at that time. However, in order to reduce the sun warmth people bought less brighter paint colours, such as yellow and pink.
Another fun fact is for the fans of the serie "The Borgias". The main character, Alexander VI, was born in Xàtiva and was christened in the church of San Pedro.




Hello, Monday and hello, to you guys! This week I start off with my travel look to a little town Xàtiva. My boyfriend and I hired a car again because his parents were visiting. We decided to take a little trip before they arrived. There was a castle... which we weren't able to visit, because it was closed on one day, and one day only. Which happened to be the Monday of our visit.
Anyhow, the town has a lot of old architecture, and the hike up the hill to the castle has an amazing view. The pictures will follow in a few days. When I'm making a trip, I try to wear comfortable clothes, and try to combine it with some fashionable pieces. In this case it was my scarf, which I always carry in my bag (old habit inherited from the Netherlands). Also, some red lips always brighten up your outfit. However, that day was probably the coldest day I've experienced in Spain so far, and this is what I thought would be warm enough. It wasn't! However my closest friends, alias my beloved scarf, Massimo Dutti gloves and my booties kept me warm. Hope you will have a week full of adventures!

Привет, всем! На этой неделе я начну с моего маленького путешествия в городок Хатива. Мы снова наняли машину по причине гостей моего молодого мужчины, и решили сделать небольшое путешествие перед их приездом. Поехали мы туда первоначально, чтобы посетить замок..., который закрыт один раз в неделю. Этим днём оказался понедельник нашего визита.
В городке много архитектуры, много зелени(но опять же не вовремя нашей поездки), и прогулка в гору, к замку открывает красивый вид на город и местность. Фотографии города выставлю через пару дней. Также, когда отправляясь в такие мини-поездки я стараюсь одеть удобную одежду, но с добавлением модный элементов. В данном случае это мой платок и красные губы. Однако тот день оказался так же самым холодным днём за время нашего прибывания в Испании. Спасали меня мои перчатки от Massimo Dutti, и мой платок, который у меня всегда в сумке(это уже привычка из ветреной и непредсказуемой Голландии). Желаю всем недели полной позитивных приключений!




grey jeans
Right after the NYE the weather surprised us all and that meant no sweaters for a while. Somewhere between those days and slightly before the sale's period I got an eternal closet issue of what to wear. So I used my imagination, and paired my body with the wrapping vest I had for ages without knowing it was a wrapping vest.
Also the time of going back to the Netherlands is coming nearer that's why I've decided to do one more post from our roof. I, of course, keep this blog also as a journal for myself to be able to remember all the things that happened at that period. The only thing I know is that these were the best autumn and winter of my life. This move always remembers me that anything is possible in your life.




leather midi skirt
Hey, guys! How is the January treating you? How are your resolutions working out? The weather stabilised back to normal what means the sun is shining and  it's 19 degrees outside. Can you believe it? Frankly, I don't and each day I'm pleasantly surprised when stepping outside. It just feels great and right to feel like this from the beginning of this year. I truly believe the fresh start has begun for me.
 I always find it a special treat to be able to go outside with bare legs. Especially when such midi skirt keeps you warm enough. I find such pieces a great addition to one's closet because it has so many endless possibilities. Adding my favourite stripes to it and throwing some extra jewelry make this outfit all done. As referring to this blog's title I also see that my style and my choices in clothes are changing. Resulting in an even bigger satisfaction of it.




Christmas outfit
At last I got my hands on my Christmas outfit which just screamed "jingle bells" to me.  My boyfriend and I celebrated this Christmas together at home. Although we didn't left the house, it was still a great occasion to dress up and prepare a delicious dinner. It was our first independent Christmas - home away from home - so we did our best to entertain each other and make the best out of it.
Christmas time is the time for delicious food and visiting the families. Thus we did our best on the first part, however the second part was unreachable(except the few FaceTime/Skype calls). The funny thing is that you don't realize or focus on the core matters of such holidays and sometimes it can feel as an obligation. However being away from home you realise that Christmas is all about the family. How cheesy it may sound, it is what makes this holiday so special.
So I hope you had a great time being surrounded by the people you love and got a lot of cute presents!

Мой наряд на Рождество. Это Рождество мы праздновали вместе с моим молодым человеком. Было немного странно праздновать только вдвоём такой семейный праздник. Надеюсь, что ваши рождественско-новогодние дни прошли замечательно!

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