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Buongiorno from Milano! Not really, because it's a super delayed outfit update from my trip to Milan. Even though it's been a while I still wanted to share this outfit with you. Travelling from Spain to Northern Italy was quite a change. Especially when you're going from +19 degrees to only +9. This fact made me miss Holland even less. I did my best on packing every warm piece of clothing I had with me.
The real saviour was my new scarf from Zara. Their new collection of scarfs is just divine. You should really get one if you haven't already. Also I had the chance to wear my super awesome Nasty Gal dress, which I wore only once at my birthday this summer. Be strong and have a nice week!

Buongiorno из Милана! Немного запоздалый пост, но несмотря на это, мне всё-таки хотелось поделиться с вами своим нарядом. Перепад температур особенно повлиял в выборе одежды. Я упаковала все тёплые вещи, которые взяла с собой в Испанию. Этот факт меня ещё больше расстроил, так как возвращаться домой уже совсем скоро.
Моим главным спасателем стал мой шарф от Zara. Их новая коллекция шарфов просто божественна. Они неописуемо тёплые. Вы обязаны приобрести себе один экземпляр! Кроме того, я наконец-то выгулила своё платье от Nasty Gal, которое я одевала только один раз на свой день рождения.




white tennis shoes
"Hey, perfect shoes! If I could write poems I would have. Unfortunately I can't, so by writing this little note I want to tell you how much I love you. I'm so happy you came into my life. You litterally go perfect with everything making me genuinely a better and cooler person(def in my opinion). I hope life will treat you good and you'll stay flawless forever.

Sincerely, Rougeuse."

P.S. All the thanks go to my boy who makes me the happiest girl in the world. #everyday <3



During my life in Spain I was able to visit another city, Cartagena. It has cute little old town. It lays at a beautiful harbour between two mountains(or maybe more). I can only imagine how it awakens during the summer.
Also if you're keen on beautiful silk blouses, and they always hang in your closet waiting for their special appearance, wear it with baggy jeans. That way your outfit obtains a certain amount of chicness, but you'll still look street wear appropriate.




The best way of traveling for me is just walking and wandering around city. Accidentally making the "wrong" turn as later to find out that it was the best turn. That is how I like to discover new countries/cities/places. I barely use any map(maybe just the first time of the visit). It is far more exciting and satisfying to do it on your own terms. Makes me feel as a true traveller(even if the path has been walked a million times already).
The same we did with a friend of mine while visiting Alicante. After various times in Alicante the Barrio de Santa Cruz came as a very pleasant surprise. It's the old part of the town and probably the most exciting. Although the houses look old they're being taken care of and are well decorated. All pictures were made by my friend as I was a lazy one and didn't bring my camera with me. Give her props for the pretty pics!

В моём случае самый лучший способ путешествовать это просто ходить и гулять по городу. Случайно завернуть на "неправильную" улицу, оказавшись позже верным  ходом. Я едва использую карту(только в первые моменты для собственной же лаколизации). Это гораздо интереснее и приносит больше удовольствия исследовать своими собственными усилиями. Я себя ощущаю настоящим путешественником в такие моменты(даже, если дорога уже миллион раз протоптана).
Таким же образом я сделала маленькое, неожиданное открытие в городе Аликанте. После многих посещений Аликанте Баррио-де-Санта-Крус оказался приятным сюрпризом. Это старая часть города, и, вероятно, самая интересная. На взгляд дома выглядят старыми(хотя меня это больше притягивает), но на самом деле все они хорошо ухожены и мило украшены. Все фотографии сделала моя подруга, так как я лентяй и фотоаппарат с собой не взяла.




silk pants
Good day, lovelies! Somewhere in this world it is the first day of winter already. Hence my outfit post seems a little inappropriate... To tell you the truth the weather conditions changed already in Spain as well, so it is probably the last summery outfit I will be sharing with you. A month ago I found out this rocky hideout and ever since was eager to do a shooting here. Once my friend visited me we got our hands on that plan.
Afterwards, once the sun was under, we head out to have some tea(I <3 tea) and to eat churros with hot chocolate. The pictures of my daily life can be found on my Instagram.

Всем добрый день! У вас наступил уже первый день зимы. Мой аутфит тем самым, кажется, немного неуместным... Но честно говоря погода и в Испании с тех времён изменилась, так что вероятно это будет последний летний лук на моём блоге в этом году.
Месяц назад я наконец доехала до этого места и с тех пор у меня не выходило из головы план сделать здесь фотосет. С приездом моей подруги, мы наконец-то воплотили идею в жизнь. С нашим темпом солнце успело опуститься и мы пошли отогреваться чаем и есть чуррос с горячим шоколадом. Фотографии моей повседневной жизни, как вы уже могли догадаться, можно лицезреть на Instagram.




Hey, hey! Long time no see. I guess, life got in the way. At first I was thinking that I would have so much spare time and will be bored out of my mind once moving to Spain. I thought my blog would be my rescue and it would help to structure my daily life. I guess, I was wrong and that it helped to structure my life back in the Netherlands. I have so much to explore and so much life to live that sometimes I don't even have time for any technological devices. However I love making pictures and sharing them with you, so I promise(more to myself) that I will become better.
In the meanwhile here are some(or loads of them) snaps from our road trip along the coastline of Spain. We have visited 5 places: Guadalest, Benidorm, Altea, Villajoyosa and Valencia. My favorites were Guadalest and Altea. Too bad I forgot my camera on the second day and that means I won't be able to share Altea with you. Anyway, I hope you'll like the pictures! x




Hola, my dear readers! I am so glad to show you my new black leather jacket. For the whole past year I have been looking for an affordable, yet cool jacket. My excitement doesn't know no limit now I have finally found the perfect one.
Also I wear my favourite mommy jeans at the moment. My boyfriend teases me with their name. These pics have been made during our road trip. That is why I wear my sneakers two times in a row.
At the moment I am really struggling at posting at the set times due to this good Spanish life. Any tips of how to improve your rhythm? Have a good weekend everyone!


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