EVENT: Colorescience Launch

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Last Thursday I attended the launch of the new make-up line Colorescience. It was held at the beautiful The Grand hotel in Amsterdam. The Colorescience line is famous for its use of minerals and natural ingredients. The products are made without any agressive chemicals, dyes, alcohol, mineral oils or parfum. The products are used to achieve a flawless, egal complexion. All the products contain a high SPF(20, 30 and 50), which is ideal if the main purpose of the cosmetics for you is to maintain your skin as youthful and healthy as possible. In my case it is, as all my creams and lipbalms must contain a sun protection. That's why I was pleasantly surprised that even Colorescience foundation and powder contain SPF. The products are 80 minutes water resistent, which is quite ideal if you live in the Netherlands.
Overall it's a great cosmetics line and if you use make-up on the daily basis and your skin has small imperfections than this line is certainly worth trying out.

Here are some of my favorite products:
- Sunforgettable Shimmer
- Minemal Corrector Palette
- Skin Brightening Face Primer
- Pressed Mineral Pigment
- Enhancement Face Colore Brush

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Sporty meets feminine

mango dress
So what do you do when your cocktail dress is staring at you from the closet for over a year? Exactly. You throw on a bomber jacket which makes your outfit appropriate for every day occasions.



VOGUE Italia

Do I need to say more? I'm on VOGUE Italia. Many thanks to the photographer.
Check out his amazing work here. Enjoy your Monday!



Holographic mindset

hollographic trend
While I have nothing against the holographic trend in fashion, but in case of these pants I really had to learn to love them. In general I love the idea of the changing color depending on the light fall and by that creating each time a new skin of the garment. Those pants had the unfortunate destiny(I forgot to send them back on time, therefore had to keep them). They were lying literally for six months in my closet before I came to reasoning and decided to pull them out and play with them. Whilst tossing with the multitude of combination ideas in my head I got to the conclusion that they are kind of awesome.



Un petit peu de rouge

green faux leather pants
Last weekend was the "museum weekend" in the Netherlands. For only €1,- people could visit almost all museums in the country. I've visited the Nederlands fotomuseum in Rotterdam. The temporary exhibition hasn't really surprised me. The only interesting thing was the background information about the photography and how it evolves in different branches. The museum is situated in a cool neighborhood of the city where we've also taken today's pictures. I especially love the urban vibe of that place. Happy Monday and may be the force with you!

В минувшие выходные были организованы ежегодные дни музея(музеев) в Голландии. За всего €1,- можно посетить все музеи страны. За своё проживание в Голландии я уже успела посетить множество музеев, поэтому на этих выходных я отправилась в мало-известный музей фотографии в Роттердаме. Временная выставка не произвела на меня впечатления. Но если вам интересно узнать о развитии фотографии во всех её проявлениях, то вам обязательно стоит посетить этот музей. Особенно, потому что он расположен в интересном месте, откуда во-первых виден весь Роттердам и видно также, как этот город развивается в строительном плане.



Spotted pants

printed pants
Last weekend the weather was marvelous. A perfect time to take out the new pair of pants to get some Italian ice-cream.
I love to reinvent some of my old items and combine them with the new ones. Therefore I have some clothes which are years old, but still are my favorite. I know some people wear the new clothes the same instant after they bought it. As I am sparing mine and wait for the right time.They can even lay for months in my closet waiting for their turn to shine. Here I talk about my metallic loafers. Since that Sunday I wore them twice already and they seem a perfect addition to every single outfit ever since.

 В минувшие выходные погода была изумительной. Самое подходящее время, чтобы выгулять новую пару брюк и наконец-то полакомиться итальянским  мороженым. Я люблю комбинировать некоторые старые вещи с новыми, создавая новые образы. Поэтому у меня есть некоторые вещи, которые давно в моём гардеробе, но до сих поры мои фавориты. Я знаю, что некоторые люди носят новую одежду сразу после момента покупки. Когда я долго могу выжидать подходящего момента. Эти вещи могут даже лежать в течение нескольких месяцев в моем шкафу, пока до них дойдёт черёд увидеть свет. Здесь я говорю о моих металлических лоферах. После этого воскресенья я носила их уже два раза и с тех пор они кажутся мне идеальным дополнением к моим образам.



My wishlist

Here is a new feature for you guys which I wanted to try out for a while now and recently I've decided it couldn't be missing on my blog any longer. I will share my favorite items with you weekly. It will be something that attracted my eye or what is on my longing list. If you have any suggestions don't hesitate to share them and of course let me know 
if you like it! 

Я давно хотела испробовать эту функцию у себя на блоге. Поэтому я решила, что и на моём блоге она не может отсутствовать дольше. Еженедельно я буду делиться своими находками. Это будут вещи, которые привлекли моё внимание или, которые я собираюсь купить в близком будущем. Буду рада услышать ваше мнение!